Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Well as some of you know; I have finally been able to rent a mobile home here in the trailer park where I live. Goodbye FEMA trailer! I hope to be totally out and into my new home by Friday. It's not that I have so much stuff as I have so little time what with school and work. Trying to squeeze a move into all this is making me a little crazy!

It wouldn't be moving though if everything went smoothly. I called on Friday and arranged for the water to be turned on in my new house (which is next door to my FEMA trailer) on Monday. I specified that the water to the FEMA trailer should be left on until Thursday. I know that FEMA is just going to crush the poor little thing as soon as they get thier hands on it but I just can't return it without cleaning it. Last night I had an event to attend and so as soon as I got off work I came home showered, dressed and madeup. Then I was off to enjoy a fun filled evening of laughter. When I returned I liberally smeared my face with makeup remover and; yes, you guessed it, my water had been turned off while I was away. I had to quickly get decently attired and then run squinting across the yards, hoping all the way that the water was on in the new trailer. It was and it is kind of funny now but at the time it was not!


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