Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hello Again

How long it has been since I posted to this blog! I originally created it because I needed a place where I could write that was not generally known. At that time I had been hurt by some real life "friends" who had read my blog and said some pretty mean things to me. For a long time I did feel good about sharing my life and thoughts in my other journal so I moved here. Eventually though things became more normal again and I began to come here less frequently. I found that I really was not able to keep up two journals. It took too much time and energy. My last entries here concerned my adventures through Katrina. I was a little sad to see that they were gone when I came back this week. The Mississippi has begun to recover quite nicely. Here is a picture I took down by the beach on Hwy 90. Many of the old oaks along the beach died as a result of the hurricane. They were a huge part of the Mississippi heritage and many people were heartbroken about the need to have them removed. Then a local chainsaw artist offered to create sculptures with an ocean theme from them where they had grown. It is fascinating to watch him as he worked with the lifeless trunks. They took on life that I could hardly believe beneath his skilled touch. Now at these sculptures dot the median of the Hwy. They are called a garden although that is not really a good description in my opinion. A garden is a quiet meditative place where one can admire beauty and think. It is difficult to achieve that reflective state of mind here as you dodge the traffic. Still they are beautiful and they add a distinctive touch of grace to the beach.


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