Friday, February 6, 2009

Out of Touch

I recently lost my internet connection and haven't been able to keep up as I would like to. I am able to go to the library and the student center to connect but it is just not the same as being able to casually surf through my favorites before bed. Hopefully, I will be able to have personal internet again soon.

Today I am working at my civ job. I am monitoring a class called worship perspectives, not everyone's cup of tea I know but I am enjoying it immensely. I it giving me some ideas for my research paper topic which I have to turn in by Tuesday. Today is not my regular day to be working civ but my boss asked me on Wed. if I could work today. When I got here today, I discovered that he had forgotten that I was coming to work and he had mad other arrangements. I was really disappointed because I had changed my work schedule at my other job to be able to work today. I put on my saddest look and he relented. I probably won't get to work all day as I had planned though. Oh Well. At least I have been able to be here for the morning.



Dorrie said...

it's easy to get out of touch since our beloved JS died... *sigh*

Good that your boss relented, but it sure wasn't very organised.

fragilewisdom said...

Organization and communication aren't really his strong suits.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Hope you are having a very pleasant weeekend.

fragilewisdom said...

Hello back ;) I had a good and productive weekend.