Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Last 4 Months

I haven't been around at all lately, something that has been pointed out to me by my family. I have been busy but not writing about it. Indeed, my life and thoughts lately haven't really lent themselves to writing. I have been evaluating my life and my world view. I have made several changes. One change was my job. As wonderful as that change was and still is, it has required a lot of adjustment. I now take only night classes at school to accommodate the job. I am in the process of moving to an apartment of my own. I simply do not enjoy dorm life. It was ok as long as I had a number of friends living there but most of them have married, moved out or moved on. Life in the dorm is now one restriction after another. I don't do well with arbitrary rules so I would be moving even if I were still eligible to remain in the dorm. The main thing that bothered me in the dorm was the sheer number of people pressing in on me every day, rubbing up into my space. I found myself withdrawing more and more into myself in order to maintain my sanity. With the prospect of freedom I am once again able to write and take photographs.



Fin said...

Nice to see you writing again.

See ya tomorrow.

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