Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lost and Found

I have been shopping for a new church home for most of the summer. Not too long ago, I visited a yet another church. I arrived in time for Sunday School but didn't know which class to attend. The greeters at the front directed me to a class but qualified there choice by saying that there were several other single adult and women's Bible study groups if I didn't like this one. I responded by saying "Thank you, I am sure this will be fine." Then I arrived at the designated door and saw that the sign on the door - Lost and Found. That raised a fair number of questions in my mind about the class. One of the class members wandered up, introduced herself, and asked if I wanted to come in but I wanted more information before committing myself.

"Is this the name of your class?" Yes it is, she said. I asked, "Why is it called lost and found?" "Well," she said, "That is just the name of our class." "But why is it called that?" I wanted to know. "Is it a seeker class or a class for new members? What does lost and found mean?" Now my new acquaintance assumed a very serious although slightly patronizing expression. "Well, she explained, Lost is when you don't know Jesus and found is when you meet Jesus and are saved. Are you saved?" "Yes," I replied. "Then why don't you know what lost and found means?" she asked me. At this point I began to wonder if perhaps this room was the equivalent of the lost and found in my old church. There was a box in the church offices where lost odds and ends came to rest. It was filled with Bibles, baseball caps, shirts and sun glasses. Usually the items were scuffed and scratched and no one really wanted them anyway. Was this class the human Christian equivalent? Or perhaps it was the room for misfit Christians like Christmas Island for misfit toys. If I went in would I meet the abominable snowman? It might be worth it if I did. I always kind of liked the abominable. I did not share my thoughts with my new acquaintance. I just said that I thought I would go look for another class much to her relief. I think she thought I asked altogether too many questions.


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Glad to read a post from you. Don't be gone so long next time..