Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Bit of History

Recently, Bethany informed me that she had found the perfect gift for me for my birthday. What she actually said was that she had found the perfect dorm gift. I couldn't even imagine what the perfect gift might be so after a few token attempts to trick her into revealing what it might be, I moved on. Occasionally I wondered about the "perfect dorm gift"but I was never any closer to figuring out what it might be. Then this past weekend she informed me that it had arrived. It was so perfect that she and the rest of my family couldn't wait for my birthday to give it to me; so could I please come over and celebrate my birthday a month early? I never have any problem celebrating so off I went.

We had a marvelous birthday party and then Bethany produced the present. By this time I was totally eaten up with curiosity but when I opened it; I knew she was right. They had found the perfect gift.

I found my owl just before my first semester of college. I remember the exact moment I saw him and fell in love with him. I loved the way he sat there on the shelf winking at me. I had quite a debate with myself over whether I should spend the money. I did of course and not long after that we went off to college. He slept on my bed at night and we had many conversations. We became very attached and he traveled with me everywhere over the years. More than a few people looked on in amusement when they saw owl emerge from the stuffy confines of my suitcase. Over the course of time he became rather bedraggled and thread bare but he still had his place on my bed each night.

That's where he was the night Katrina hit. I ran around the room grabbing things and piling them on the bed in preparation to leave the house. In the end, I ended up leaving most of them, including owl, because I couldn't get back in the house. I never saw him again. I looked;I had some idea of removing his stuffing, washing him and putting new stuffing back in but I never did find him. I never tried to replace him either; how could I?

Then I opened my gift and there he was! Bethany had the idea of searching for him on ebay. I am so glad she did. His colors are a little different but that's alright. Tonight, he is sitting on my bed here in my room. It feels a little bit like coming home. That's his picture over there on the right.



Judy said...

awwww, what a sweet story. :)

I'm so happy you got "owl" for an early birthday present!



fragilewisdom said...

Yes, Bethany is extremely gifted at selecting gifts.

KIT said...

I have only used EBay once, but it's amazing what you can find there.

fragilewisdom said...

I think EBay is a crazy fun place!