Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Day

I woke to a morning filled with blessings and beauty yesterday. It was the day after my last final. Perhaps I should have been out looking for a job that would actually pay the bills but I had given myself permission to sleep in and so it was really quite late when I was wakened by a delighted squeal outside my window. I lazily rolled over and looked out to see a snow covered scene. Snow fights were happening, snow people were being born at a staggering rate, and I was missing it! I quickly donned my warmest clothing and grabbed my camera and I was out the door. I spent the next two hours walking and talking and taking pictures. I was introduced to many snow people. The two tiny ones are Calvin and Hobbs. The rather plain fellow was named Forrest due to his somewhat furry lichen covered arms. Forrest met a cruel fate. He was standing there in his little field minding his own business when suddenly a troop of preschoolers came out. At first is was all nice and friendly; they stood around him to have there pictures taken. The next moment the children were using his head for fuel for their snowball fight. (Life is indeed cruel.)

I spent my day happily taking the pictures, later I argued with my computer, camera and photo editing program trying to convince them that they really did want to play together so I could post my pictures. I finished my day by baking a wonderful loaf of sourdough bread. It was warm and comforting and good. It was a good day.


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