Sunday, May 30, 2010

Selfish Desires

Memorial Day weekend and I have to work. It is my own fault. One of the residents asked me quite a long time ago if I would drive him to his granddaughter's wedding. I usually am very careful to guard my weekends so I make it a rule not to volunteer to work on those days. This was a special occasion however so I agreed to do it. He said that he would let me know the details. Time passed and I forgot about it. Then two weeks ago, he gave me the details and I saw that I had agreed to do this on Memorial Day weekend. I almost backed out then because I had been looking forward to having those three days off. Now it is Sunday afternoon and I will be driving him in just a few hours. A torrential downpour is happening outside complete with thunder and lightning. The thunder is so loud that my building is shaking. It must be really bad upstairs because my neighbor is pacing around. He works at night and must not be able to sleep because of the storm. Added to this, a killer migraine struck me this morning in church. It was bad enough that I left early. I feel better now but I know my reflexes are not what they should be for driving in bad weather. All I want to do is lie in my recliner and do nothing till I feel better. Selfishly I wish that Mr. B would cancel his ride to the wedding this afternoon.


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Chiang Guy said...

I hope it all worked out OK, and safely for everyone.