Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big Storm Today

We had a big storm in my area today. The wind was so strong that it blew the rain in under my front door and knocked over all my house plants. I did not realize how strong and violent the storm had been till I opened my front door and found my plants strewn in front of it. I heard a strange sound and realized that it was traffic trying to navigate the flooded road. I waited as long as I could and tried to get to work myself. I got out of my street and thought that probably the worst was over till I got down into the CBD. I was prepared to walk the rest of the way into work after that. I was wrong though. I never reached Causeway. I reached an intersection near a local school where eight vehicles had flooded and been abandoned in the road. I managed to get around those but when I looked ahead and realized that the water was only getting deeper I turned around. By the time I reached home the belts in my truck were wet and I had no power steering and no brakes. That was pretty scary. Now I am waiting for the belts to dry out and the water to subside before I try again.



Anonymous said...

I saw where the Southern states had a bashing by the weather. Glad you made it through okay.

fragilewisdom said...