Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jake the Snake

Jake the Snake visited FOTH Retirement Home today. He came with his two people (Jake is a puppet) to help them and the residents of FOTH celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Jake had a lot to tell the residents about the venerable St Patrick, who, if one believes Jake wasn't so venerable after all. Jake said that he had had personal acquaintance with good ol Paddy back in the day and he never drove out the snakes. Why if he drove out the snakes then why did Jake come from Ireland and have an Irish accent? Why are his relatives alive and well in Ireland? Why he has vacation plans to go see his family just next month, don't you know? Further more, Patrick wasn't even a saint and he wasn't captured from his home in England and held as a slave all those years. He had actually been in JAIL, don't you know. After letting us all in on the true nature of St. Patrick, Jake did concede that it was fun to go to the parades and any reason is a good reason to have a parade so no harm is done by all those horrible nasty lies perpetuated in the name of that rascal Patrick.

Once the history lesson was over Jake proceeded to do some magic tricks and tell a few jokes for his audience. Since he had no arms and the rest of us don't speak snake, his lady was happy to translate for him and help with the tricks. His lady was wearing a very form fitting tee shirt and white shorts. Under the shorts she had on a pair of green and white striped tights. She carried a TWO white umbrellas that were decorated with green and white boas (perhaps to help Jake feel more at home?) Jake's man looked like a clown with a green bowler hat. Finally Jake the Snake and his people left and everyone was able to relax and have some tea and dessert.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!



Wizardress said...

Awww I bet that was cute to see!!! Hope all is going great with you *hugss*

fragilewisdom said...

Hello Wiz. Things are going pretty well here. I keep busy with work and school. I am also apartment hunting.

Some people thought Jake was cute. Others did not like their myths being messed with and/or felt like they were being talked down to.

Chiang Guy said...

Well, I am glad some people enjoyed it.