Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool

This is too funny. I am surprised that I never heard of this prank before but I got a good laugh out of it today both because of the prank itself and the reaction it got at the time and the reaction today from the residents during our history of April Fools day segment of News Currents. This originally appeared on British tv as an April Fools joke. I wonder if the gmail motion prank will be as successful as this one?



Wizardress said...

I've never seen this either- but it made me LOL Can you imagine?

fragilewisdom said...

I was actually pretty amazed that people fell for it. The piece on "News Currents" explained it by saying that spaghetti was an exotic food back in the '50s. That really incensed one of the residents who went on quite a rant about it!

Fin said...

On that 'gmail motion' prank, if it is the one I think you are referring to, I think I saw it on tv, complete with illustrations on how you could open and send emails, by licking a stamp etc.

Reason I believe that without question is the combination of the unfathomable amount of informatin that google not only possesses but can access instantly. Think of the tens of trillions of ones and zeros needed to make 360 degree photos of basically most of the streets in the US and abroad too.

Or how it can spit out twnety eight thousand responses to any question in a quarter of a second. If you ever let it into your computer to be your search engine, you will be astounded at how fast it operates, but if you do not think it archives what it find in there elsewhere, you are more trusting than I.

Couple that with the built-in cameras now coming in new computers and the widespread popularity of skype, and it is not the least bit far fetched to believe that such a system does not already exist.

fragilewisdom said...

You are right about the amazing amount of information that google is capable of transmitting and finding fin. I am often amazed at how quick it is. If the motions hadn't have been so silly looking, I might have fallen for that prank.