Saturday, September 24, 2011

Raccoon Rescue Lady

This morning, I discovered to my chagrin that I have a reputation in the neighborhood. I am the raccoon rescue lady. I was sound asleep in bed when an insistent pounding started at my front door. It took a while to wake up and by the time I got there, my visitor was gone. Just as well I thought but since I was up I might as well stay up. So I began watering my plants and making a pot of coffee, morning things. So when the knocking started again, I was able to open the door in fairly short order. A woman and her son were standing on my doorstep. "I heard that you are the raccoon rescue lady", she said. "A raccoon needs to be rescued. Lord, I am so scared to go near that raccoon!" And so saying they led me down the street to a nearby apartment building where there was indeed a raccoon trapped in the dumpster. They agreed to supply the chair since they didn't have a step stool and cautiously I lowered it down next to the raccoon. He climbed out and wandered away with an exhausted stagger after about 10 minutes. The boy was thrilled and his mother relieved that she would not have to hear about it anymore. He asked me why I helped them rescue the raccoon, so I explained to him that God cares about every part of his creation. That meant animals as well as people. If we trust God, He will be there to take care of us.

I am glad that I was able to help but I sure hope that I am not called upon to perform many more rescues!


intelliwench said...

As reputations go, you could do worse :-)

fragilewisdom said...

That's true. At least no one is asking me to keep the raccoons which they might if the raccoons were dogs or cats and I was the neighborhood cat or dog lady!

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Wow! What a reputation to have! Good for you.

BethanyC said...

That is a nice reputation!