Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Things That Go Bang in the Evening

I had a major test to take tonight. I was really freaked out about it actually because the instructor gave us TWO hours to complete the test. I studied like crazy for that test because I figured the length of time given to take it must indicate how tough it was going to be. It had discussion, multiple choice and true/false. It was an online test.

I was deep in the middle of the test and I was rushing because there was a storm happening outside, I was afraid that I would lose my internet connection and fail the test, when thunder shook my apartment. I heard a horrendous crash from the kitchen. I tried to think what could have broken.The teapot I got from grandmother? Or perhaps it was the bread dipping dish I bought last year on vacation in Virginia. It hangs on my wall and I really love that dish because of it's unusual finish. I ran into the room to check it out. The light fixture had fallen from the ceiling and shattered. The floor was covered in glass shards both large and small. I left the mess to clean up after I finished the test.

It seems that I may have been over anxious about the test. I think I did alright although I suspect that the personal mission statement I submitted is not long enough and I may lose points there. Ironically, the other test I took this morning was only 30 minutes long. I had studied for it and it was open book. I was not worried. I should have been apparently. Oh Well. Tomorrow is another day.



Fijufic said...

Broken glass in the middle of a test. You rock!

fragilewisdom said...

:) Thanks Bobby!