Saturday, November 26, 2011

She's A Nut

It was the Friday after Thanksgving. LSU was playing some people were predicting that Arkansas would stage an upset. Naturally the residents and day participants alike had to watch the game. By five o'clock the game was in the third quarter. LSU was leading 21 to 17 when Mr. Bobs family came to pick him up. He complained bitterly that they were taking him away from the game. I told him that he would be home soon and then he could finish the game. All movement in the hall stopped and everyone within ear shot turned to stare at me. Who was this unfeeling, uncultured philistine in their midst and how had she come to be there? I felt compelled to explain so I said; "My comment just goes to show how much I care about football which is really not at all." Their shock and silence deepened then one of the nursed began to laugh and she explained to everyone at large, "She is a nut but she is a nice nut."



Chiang Guy said...

a Philistine indeed! I am not an LSU fan, but if it was a UT game I would feel the same way. (That is the University of Texas, by the way, not the University of Tennessee.)

fragilewisdom said...

LOL, I know who UT is.