Saturday, October 22, 2011

You Think I Would Go Out There?!!

My sister came to visit me yesterday on her vacation. She is staying for a long weekend. When I got up this morning I saw her drinking from a bottle of Coke. You went out and bought a coke last night? I was a little surprised since she arrived late and she doesn't know the area at all. "Are you kidding?" she asked. "I lay here last night listening to the sirens go by and then the helicopters flew over. Then more sirens went by. I kept waiting for the guys with the blazing guns to come bursting in. You couldn't pay me to go out there at night! You must be awfully bored when you come to visit me. It's an exciting day if a police car pulls into the parking lot of my apartment complex."

LOL, I never heard anything at all. I guess I have become used to the sounds of the city.



Chiang Guy said...

Your neighborhood sounds kind of scary!

fragilewisdom said...

My neighborhood is usually pretty quiet. I think it must have been a really noisy Friday night! I was really tired though so I guess I didn't hear any of it.