Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wisdom from Seminary

Thou shalt not read blogs whilst dyeing thine hair!

The wonderful thing about life is that I keep learning new things all the time. Sometimes I learn new solutions for things I should have learned not to do many times over. Today I learned that if you should begin reading blogs while dyeing your hair and, if, after washing it out you discovered that the tips of your ears were a lovely shade of medium golden brown; then it is possible to remove the dye by using more left over dye like soap. Amazingly, it works. Usually, I can remove the dye from my skin wi with just a liberal application of conditioner. Oh Well, Have a great day!



Pastor Larry said...

;-) I will try to remember that bit of wisdom

GirlBlogger said...

Uhmmm... the tips of your laptop keys didn't get dyed as well... right?

fragilewisdom said...

Hello Pastor Larry :)

Lol, no just my ears. I forgot to watch the time and left the dye on too long.

jadedj said...

What color are you dying your hair? Surely not to get out gray?

fragilewisdom said...

Hello J. I was dying it medium golden brown. I usually use darkest golden brown but they were out. Sadly, yes, it is to cover the grey. (sigh)